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APS Dry Needles, with insertion tubes, feature a headless design that was made specifically for Dry Needling. They have thicker, stiffer handles to facilitate precise insertion and accuracy in manipulation, as well as improved handling and control.

These needles are manufactured with high-strength, patented, surgical stainless steel construction. This prevents bending for greater accuracy. Our APS needles are triple-polished to remove surface irregularities for smooth, painless insertion. Additionally, APS Dry Needles feature special conical sharpening to improve needle penetration for multiple insertions.

Sale of needles is restricted to licensed health care professionals who are permitted by their state licensing board to perform Dry Needling. It is your responsibility to know what your scope of practice is regarding Dry Needling in your jurisdiction.


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Box of 100 high-quality surgical steel needles with safety tube designed specifically for dry needling. These needles have much better control and smoother insertion. Easier for you to manage and less pain for the patient.